• Rae Davin

Aruba - AD3 Fitness Retreat In Paradise

Thursday, September 13th, 2018, Three fitness instructors with different backgrounds and specialties, arrive Hyatt Regency, Aruba together with 10 clients for a long weekend of training and fun in the sun.

We worked with Erin, founder of Barre Hour, back in April at our fitness retreat in LA, We were so happy to have her onboard on this trip to teach her killer barre classes. For this retreat, we also had Nathalie, a yoga teacher and Muy Thai fighter from Russia (based in Thailand), with us. She is also the owner of In Depth Yoga Academy. So on top of the running and boot camp classes that Alex would teach, we had other awesome classes as well.

We did classes in the morning before it got too hot. Alex made us run both on sand and in water. He also had us do a workout at an outdoor gym close to the hotel. The last day there, we did a 6 mile run on the beach and got to see more of the island, while crusheing goals!

Erin, she seems so sweet and kind (and she is), until she teaches barre! She guided us through classes that might look easy, but she is no joke, We all agreed that it was harder then we could imagine. Thanks for pushing us to do more than we think we can, Erin!

Thanks to Nathalie, we also got the chance to stretch out and work on flexibility and breathing. With the unbeatable view of white sand, the bright blue sea and the sound of waves, Nathalie leads us through a mix of yoga and stretching that felt so good after all the hard work we went through in Alex & Erin's classes.

Thank you to all three trainers for all the work you put into classes. We truly appreciate the hard work!

When classes were over in the morning, we spend most of the day at the beach. We enjoyed beautiful sunsets, hung out on our inflatable rosè float (thanks Lisa), had a few drinks and just chilled.

Thanks to Lisa Taner, our long-time client, and friend, we ate dinners at the best spots on the island, Lisa has been traveling to Aruba almost every year for a long time, and she knows everything it is to know about the place! Again, Lisa... Aruba would not have been the same without you! Also, special thanks to Jason for fishing us dinner that last day!

Last day of the retreat, we took everyone out on a catamaran. We got to snorkel straight above an old shipwreck, jump from the boat, and swim with hundreds of tropical fish. It was a perfect day!

Thanks to fitfam for all the incredible memories!

We can't wait for next year!

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