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AD3 Fitness Profile - Erin Umphenour

Let us introduce you to Erin, our guest trainer for the AD3 Fitness Retreat in Aruba 2018.

We are so excited for this collaboration.

Name: Erin Umphenour

Title: Barre Fitness Instructor

Company: Barre Hour

Instagram handle/ hashtags: @barrehour

Where are you from, and what is your profession?

I am originally from New Jersey and have lived in California for ten years! I am a profession-

al dancer, Barre Fitness brand owner and Instructor, and the Event Coordinator for the Non-

Profit organization, She-Is.

How did you first get to know Alex and what is your first impression of AD3 Fitness?

I know Alex through his sister, Jackie. I first met Alex and his AD3 Fitness crew on their trip

to Los Angeles in 2017. They invited my boyfriend, Joe, and me to one of their dinners and

we had a great time! Seemed like the perfect group to enjoy a fun trip together, working hard and playing hard too!

Why did you choose to collaborate with AD3 Fitness for our 2018 Aruba retreat in Sep-


The first time I taught for AD3 fitness was their latest trip to LA. It was my first time teaching

a class sans Barre and I couldn’t believe I pulled it off! When I realized I could create an ef-

fective workout without the use of the Barre, I knew I could do this anywhere.

I was honored when they asked me to join them in Aruba and Joe and I thought what a great chance to get away.

What is your “training philosophy”?

Your workout is for YOU. Do your best. I am just happy you showed up! I strongly believe in

taking breaks, regrouping, and then trying to push yourself through the rest and finishing

strong. My job is to motivate you and push you beyond what you thought you could do in the safest and most effective way possible. I want you to feel your best and stronger leaving than you did when you first arrived.

What is your favorite workout right now, and why?

BARRE - DUH! As a professional dancer, this is the best workout that reminds me of

dancing all while toning my muscles, keeping my dancer shape, and working every single muscle in my body.

For non-dancers, I think this is the most effective and safest workout there is. It is low impact, so it is excellent for those with injuries, and it is for all ages and levels. What is so amazing about Barre, is that it never gets easier. There is no “plateau.”

As you learn more about your body, you find yourself always able to push a little more. And if your energy is low one day, you have the ability to take things a little lighter. Barre is more than just a workout.There is a large focus on your breathing, connecting with your muscles, and using so many different parts of the body simultaneously that keeps your mind very busy while meditating at the same time. It truly is the best.

Do you have a story from training with Alex?

When I taught for AD3 Fitness at the beach, we waited a long time for some late arrivers.

We played tag on the beach, volleyball, ran around in circles, and then used each other for

support in some of his exercises. It was very fun and his people are so supportive and en-

couraging of one another, that I didn’t mind waiting the extra hour and getting to know his


What would be typical “you” outside of work/training?

My boyfriend and I are foodies and we love to EAT! We enjoy discovering new restaurants,

but we love cooking at home even more. We make restaurant quality food at home and it’s

definitely one of our favorite things to do together.

We also have two dogs that we love taking on hikes and to the park or beach. I also run a non-profit teaching dance to survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking, and that takes up much of my “free” time. I feel very lucky and grateful that my time “working” never feels that way, but that I really love what I do and enjoy every minute of it.

What is your goal for 2018?

I recently launched a Barre clothing line and I am so excited about the direction it is heading in. I have a degree in Merchandise Marketing, so I am just so thrilled that life has come full circle and I am able to use my degree in a way I never thought I would. Looking forward to more clothing merchandise and how I will expand on my products. I love seeing my clients in my Barre Hour swag! It’s the best.

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