• Rae Davin

A Shoutout To Mary

To make a small business work and grow, you need positivity, creativity, passion and support. We are lucky to be surrounded by people that have it in them to be all of these things to people around them, and also to us and to our business. Because we were doing three fitness retreats this year, plus other smaller events, we really wanted to have shirts, bags, and water bottles with our logo for our clients attending all these things. We were so happy when Mary Carley, Alex's cousin took the job! We ordered all the items, and Mary had all the equipment needed to apply the logos perfectly and with great precision..

Mary is a full-time teacher in elementary school and very creative by nature. She has not only helped us with business, but also other events like our wedding, my baby shower, and our youngest daughter's baptism. She is great at asking the right questions to be sure she gets exactly the style you would like, and the things she has made for us has been beyond what we wished for. Contact her here if you need a personalized gift, decorations for a party, or something similar.

Thank you, Mary, for being patient with us, and especially for the great job you did for AD3 Fitness! We love it all!

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