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AD3 Fitness Profile - Nathalie Emelianova

Let us introduce you to Nathalie, our guest trainer for the AD3 Fitness Retreat in Aruba 2018.

We are so excited for this collaboration.

Photo: Anastasia Rose G.

Name: Nathalie Emelianova

Title: Yoga teacher, founder of Indepth Yoga Academy, Ayurveda nutritionist and PT

Company: Indepth Yoga Academy

Instagram handle/ hashtags: @indepthyoga #indepthyoga

Where are you from and what is your profession?

I am from Russia and I am certified international yoga instructor with a substantial background in sports and nutrition has been both a professional coach and an athlete.

How did you first get to know Alex and what was your first impression of AD3 fitness?

The first time I met Alex was in August 2012. I was in New York and working on improving and evolving my knowledge of the new and upcoming fitness industry. So I was taking different master classes and trying to find something truly beneficial to me as an instructor. So, of course, I met Alex in the gym and once we got to talking, I decided to take the workshop from him about strength and conditioning and kettle bell workout.

Why did you choose to collaborate with AD3 fitness for our 2018 Aruba retreat in September?

I believe that the values I see in AD3 fitness are very close to my own and my goals in both life and fitness match perfectly with our collaboration. I personally love when it’s a very strong work out mixed in with a really nice, fun atmosphere. In addition to which I’ve known Alex for a while and can confidently say that he is an experienced and educated coach so I am super excited to work with him.

What is your training philosophy?

Do your best of course! And one more repetition makes all the difference. This one I live by to this day, whether its one more push up or one more breath in yin yoga when your body is already begging you to leave the pose. That one extra push is everything.

What is your favorite workout right now and why?

Recently I made my way back to martial arts. I’m currently practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and plan to possibly begin competing. I like jiu-jitsu because of the strategic element involved, you use every single part of your body to effectively take control over your opponent and it takes a certain amount of planning and strategy, strength and calming your emotions and feelings, plus control of the mind. It’s quite exciting!

Do you have a story from training with Alex?

I found his workshops incredibly interesting and educational. Alex is a good friend, a cool person and a great coach.

What would be the typical "you" outside of work and training?

I really like photography and I work with an amazing girl who you can find on Instagram a.g._photography and together we create different stories through our photographs. From fashion to sport and everything in between. I really enjoy playing a different character depending on what the mood of the picture is and I even enjoy helping her by assisting on other fashion and lifestyle shoots she has, sometimes I do the makeup or hair.

What is your goal in 2018 in life, training, etc.?

I would like to help more people to discover yoga because yoga as a whole isn’t just asanas, it's your lifestyle, your self-disciple, your self-study and that is really important to me. I would love to involve more people and educate them on the broad spectrum of yoga study. Especially because each person can find something for themselves within it and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, doing hard training or you’ve just had a baby. There is a niche just for you within yoga I can say that for sure.

My whole life I’ve worked in the fitness industry, in sport, and as a former athlete, I know how sometimes life can be challenging and as a yoga teacher and owner of InDepth Yoga Academy I would like to spread education and I hope to help people achieve their goal whatever that goal may be. Yoga can be helpful in this way.

Photo: Anastasia Rose G.

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