• Rae Davin

AD3 Fitness Is Going To Norway

This summer we bring the fitfam to Norway!

Even after seeing this video, you might ask us why Norway?

The story starts in the mid-2000's when Alex was playing professional basketball overseas. After two seasons in Oslo, and one season in Kongsberg, the connections to the people he met and the country itself grew strong.

Myself (Rae, who writes this blog), was born and raised in Norway, and got to know Alex through dancing for Kongsberg Penguins (now Miners). Eventually we got married and we moved to New York.

Our ties to Norway are therefore strong, and we (especially me) cannot wait to show our New York fitfam pieces of my country.

We'll visit Oslo, Stavanger, Drammen & Kongsberg. Experience mountains, fjords, little towns and cities you'll never forget (sneak peek below). We'll hike, work out, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

See you in Norway!

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