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AD3 Fitness Profile - Carla Giorgio

Name: Carla Giorgio

Title: Director, Integrated Media

Company: Vizeum

Started training with AD3: July 2017

Instagram handle/ hashtags: @carlagiorgio

Where are you from, and how did you first hear about Alex and AD3 Fitness ?

- I am originally from CT, but have been living in NYC for 8 years. I first heard about Alex through a friend of mine, and his good friend, Jason. I had been working out with another trainer for about 6 years, but he moved out of NYC this past summer. I was in the market for a new trainer and reached out to Jason to see if Alex was taking new clients, which he was!

What is your background?

- I work in the media/advertising industry at a small ad agency in Tribeca on the National Geographic account. I lead the team that handles all of Nat Geo’s advertising dollars, where they should spend/what media channels and vendors, driving tune-in for their on air programming. Fitness and taking care of my health is definitely a priority for me outside of work. I love being active and trying new types of workouts. I love to spin, box, dance, and I incorporate yoga into my fitness routine several times a week as well. I love the feeling of feeling strong, getting a good sweat, but also slowing down on the mat as well.

What is your biggest accomplishment when it comes to fitness/training/sports?

- I grew up playing sports, but never considered myself “athletic” until I started training with a personal trainer and started to take fitness seriously. I used to work out at Crunch gym, and was the first female in our gym to master double unders with the jump rope. I’m very competitive, especially with myself, and I practiced every single day until I mastered it. There was one day I was able to get 100 in a row - something that was a challenge, but felt so good once I did it!

What is your favorite workout right now, and why?

- I’m really into heated yoga at Y7 right now, where you flow only to hip hop music in a candlelit room. I’m able to disconnect from everything and turn inward, which keeps me sane :) I also am a Soul Cycle fan, something again about being in a dark room with loud music that affects me on a deeper level than just thinking of it as a work out.

Why Alex and AD3 Fitness?

- Alex has pushed me harder in the past 8 months than I have ever been pushed physically. I’ve always had lower back issues, which has prevented me from doing certain workouts, but from day 1, Alex has been mindful of that and has worked with me in ways to strengthen my back, while also protecting it. He really invests in his clients well being, both in and out of the gym, which is something that I think differentiates him from other trainers. Anyone working out with Alex and the #fitfam, becomes part of his family, not just a client. The whole group has each other’s backs, and is so supportive and encouraging.

We are all different ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels, but Alex (and Rae) has brought us all together to form such a strong and warm community. I’m so grateful to be part of the fam, because I also feel like I’ve gained friends for life. Since working out with Alex, I’ve noticed a difference not only in my body, but in my overall endurance and strength. I’ve never been one to focus on what the scale says, more on how I feel, and I can say that I’ve never felt better!

Do you have a story from working out with us?

- One of my favorite days was our trip to Long Beach in August. It was my first beach workout with AD3Fitness, and my first time meeting some of the group. Everyone was so welcoming, and it felt right away like I’d been a part of the group for years. My best friend Lisa came with me, and everyone embraced her to the group as well. Not only was the workout a killer, the time we spent afterwards playing volleyball, eating, drinking and hanging out at the beach is what makes AD3Fitness so much more than just fitness - it’s about community and family.

What would be typical “you” outside of work/training?

- Outside of work, my free time is either spent working out, taking a yoga class, spending time with my friends and family, reading, exploring the city and traveling. I love traveling to new places, and getting the most out of what life has to offer. I tend to be the “mama bear” of my friend group, always taking care of others and taking the lead in planning things for everyone. I love to laugh, and I try not to take myself too seriously. I lost my mom 4 years ago, and that experience has completely changed my perspective and outlook on life. I realized how short life actually is, and how valuable our time is.

What is your goal for 2018?

- I just started a new job a few months ago, and recently moved as well, so my goal this year is to embrace all of the new and unknown that has found its way into my life. I’m a firm believer in everyone being a constant work in progress on themselves, but also a believer in enjoying each day and where you are in your life. I hope to continue to pursue things that make me happy and challenge me, while focusing my time and energy on people and experiences that lift me up and add positivity to my life.

Physically, I want to keep pushing myself, and would also like to get better at running :)

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