• Rae Davin

The Fight, The Cycling & The Energy

A couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be a part of an amazing team, and cycle for survival!

Team Giorgio was put together for the first time four years ago by Carla Giorgio and her sister Molly Giorgio after their mom lost the battle. They wanted to raise money to help the research of rare cancers, and they found Cycle For Survival to be the perfect platform for it.

This was our first year with team Giorgio, but it won't be our last!

We walked in to Equinox at 43rd & 5th, and the room was filled with energy. Wow! Teams filled with people of any age, color, and health was taking turns cycling, and it felt like a SoulCycle class just with a different energy. These people really had a reason to be there and do the cycling for a friend, family member or themselves.

The instructors were inspiring, the music was pumping, and the sweat was dripping.

When you weren't cycling, you were cheering your team mates on, or dancing along.

Then it was the stories... It would be people on that stage talking about their best friend, or family member, how they survived or how some lost the battle.

It was survivors on stage. The room was filled with emotion... positive emotion! The stories were about loosing someone, but how to never forget and how to keep fighting for a cure to help others. The stories were about living through the shock of getting diagnosed, and the thoughts and willpower it took to fight through it.

It was a night filled with good vibes and strong people. We are so thankful to have been a part of both the event, but also help raising over $12K with team Giorgio, adding on to the $37M and counting raised this year by Cycle Of Survival.

We won't stop until there is a cure.

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