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AD3 Fitness Profile - Catie Borneman

Name: Catie Borneman aka Catie B. aka ‘CB’ Title: Real Estate Agent Company: Keller Williams NYC Started training with AD3: Winter/Spring 2017 Instagram handle/ hashtags: @iamcatieb (not to be confused with @iamcardib “Aaaoooww”

Where are you from, and how did you first hear about Alex and AD3 Fitness?

- Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia (Go Eagles!), but current resident of Brooklyn, NY

- Met Alex and introduced to AD3 Fitness through swolemate, Jason Bayuk

What is your background?

- Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams NYC, Specializing in Residential Sales and Rentals

- Former Division 1 Athlete: Proud Alumni of La Salle Women’s Lacrosse Team

- Currently enjoy 1 v 1 and group training sessions and outdoor running + boot camp classes with Alex/AD3 Fitness and also going for runs, shooting hoops and working on upper body strength while reeling in some pretty big fish with JB!

What is your biggest accomplishment when it comes to fitness/training/sports?

- Receiving Lacrosse Scholarship to Division 1 Program in Atlantic 10 Conference and starting every game all 4 years of college + maintaining my love for sports and fitness 10+ years later

What is your favorite workout right now, and why?

- Any workout with Alex or the FitFam is my favorite because fitness is such an important aspect of my life. Not only for the positive physical effects, but for health, happiness, well-being and community.

It especially feels great to constantly be surrounded by genuinely good people who are brought together through AD3 Fitness and are always positive and regularly there with motivation and encouragement!

Why Alex and AD3 Fitness?

- Alex is an amazing person, friend and trainer. His workouts are consistently challenging, but undeniably enjoyable and rewarding. He has a calm yet powerful spirit about him and is a highly encouraging motivator, never lacking in inspiration and positivity. He has an innate ability to tailor every session perfectly for each client to help them achieve their own personal fitness goals, while his group training sessions are the ultimate test of strength and endurance, they are also achievable for clients of all different athletic abilities and personalities.

Most of Alex’s clients are also his friends who he treats like family. He has a special way of bringing so many different people together from various walks of life through fitness and has created and continues to grow his very own “FitFam”.

Do you have a story from working out with us?

- Remember that time I threw a medicine ball at JB when his back was to me? Or knocked myself out with a kettle bell? Sat backwards on one of the weight machines at the gym. Oh, and when I ran right into a poll trying to upload an IG video during running class? That thing came out of nowhere, I swear!

*Note: Please provide CB (and others within close proximity) with complimentary full body bubble wrap for safety*

What would be typical “you” outside of work/training?

- Spending quality time with family and friends, networking and meeting new people inside and outside of NYC, traveling and going on outdoor adventures (especially fishing) and just living life to the fullest!

What is your goal for 2018?

- To maintain a healthy lifestyle through fitness, diet and wellness and in turn continue to motivate and inspire friends and family as a leading example of what that looks and feels like and how much it means to me. To surround myself with good people who inspire me to be a better athlete and person. To keep growing stronger with the FitFam and making 2018, Two Thousand GREAT-Teen!

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