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Q & A's with Norwegian Olympian Ida Njåtun

Being a half Filipino, half Norwegian family (living in U.S.), it's obvious that the Winter Olympics is important for at least the Norwegian side of the family. We might not watch every single sport, but it's obviously fun when our small country with a population of 5.233 million is doing so well it in these games!

Our daughter Denise (12) was able write down a few questions to Norwegian olympian long track speed skater Ida Njåtun.

Here is what she had to say:

We thought it was great that Denise got to do this, and learn more about what it means to compete at a high level.

Alex and I both have background in competing sports. Alex as a professional basketball player, playing both national and international basketball. Myself as a dancer, competing and performing internationally, as a part of Norway's national team. We try to use our skills and knowledge from sports and competition the best way possible when it comes to life in general.

As parents, we teach our kids that talent can only take you so far. To become who you want to become, no matter if you want to be an athlete, a scientist, an artist, or a doctor, it takes hard work. You will also need passion, that certain "fire" that keeps you going, even when things get tough.

...and when you make the goals you set for your self, stay humble. Then set your next goal. Never settle.

Enjoy the rest of the Winter Olympics!

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